"This letter...for Cabalists,has the magical property of imparting divinity to words to which it is added." 80 p. 120
"Commonly known as the 'infernal regions','purgatory' and similar after-death states." 73 p. 91[In Greek mythology,Hades is the abode of the dead. Christians and others often conflate it with hell.]
"One of the seven Olympian spirits in occultism. He is the master of Venus." 80 p. 120
"Considered the seat of the body's vital essence is esoteric doctrine...." 80 p. 120
"In esoteric,mathematical mysticism this denotes the soul." 80 p. 121
"(Taoism) The magicians and mediums...used this special building to induce spiritualistic revelations." 80 p. 121
"Places for instruction in the spirit spheres. Sometimes said to be visited by earth people during sleep." 80 p. 121 [Steiner taught that,during sleep,the astral and ego bodies ascend into the spirit realm. He said that the visions one has during sleep are,in at let some circumstances,true.]
"A circle of light often depicted around a saintly person's head ... May have some connection with the aura as seen by clairvoyants." 73 p. 92
Work done by hand; the term usually applies to crafts such as woodworking or sewing. Handwork is often stressed in Waldorf schools; it is deemed to confer healthful and spiritual benefits.