In Anthroposophy: our third invisible body,which incarnates around the age of 21. It is our divine selfhood; the immortal spiritual self. Possessing an "I" makes one truly human. The gods before us,who evolved through their own human stages,attained "I"s. Animals and subhuman beings of other types do not possess "I"s,Steiner taught. Also see "ego".
"The Chinese BOOK OF CHANGES,the experimental basis of classical Chinese philosophy,in which a grasp of the total situation at any given moment is said to be obtained ... The psychic and physical worlds are held to be the dual expression of a living reality." 73 p. 102
This is disputable translation of a self-definition offered by Jehovah in the Bible (see Exodus 3:14). Other translations are "I Am That I Am
In Anthroposophy: the I or spiritual ego.
In Anthroposophy: the spiritual sense that enables one to recognize the I in another. However,you cannot truly know another's I; only the individual can truly know his or her own I. Also see "ego sense".
"In Gnosticism the evil demon who gave birth to the Lower World." 80 p. 135
"[T]he mystic symbol of the Supreme Divine World among the ancient Chaldeans and Phoenicians; the name which is not to be spoken...." 80 p. 135
"(Islam) The Devil...whose domain is now the earth...." 80 p. 135
"Divination by a study of the entrails of fishes." 80 p. 136
According to Steiner: true "white" magic — i.e.,accepting Anthroposophy and receiving the beneficial results of that acceptance.