"The legendary,semi-divine cobra snake with a human face." 80 p. 197.
"Devotees drive nails into these fetishes so that the fetish is assured they are praying to it." 80 p. 197
"[T]o be insulted in a dream by malicious names foreshadowed the receiving of an honor." 80 p. 198
"The Hindu hell...." 80 p. 198[In Hindu teachings,evil souls are purged in Narkana before their next incarnations.]
In Anthroposophy: one of two Jesus children who,after combining,became the host for the incarnating Sun God. This one had the spirit of Buddha. Cf. Solomonic Jesus.
A god,an Archangel,who oversees a nation and provides its culture and language — according to Steiner.
"A map [of the sky] which is used in astrology to read the future of a nation." 80 p. 199
The tasks assigned to various nations by their gods,their nation spirits — according to Steiner.
Embodiments of group souls,peoples dwelling in particular lands,standing at shared levels of evolution — according to Steiner.