According to Steiner: elevated beings who help direct human evolution.
The third major division of the ninefold nature of man,Steiner taught; it is superior to soul nature and physical nature.
In various mystical,esoteric,and religious systems: ability to perceive or create spiritual realities; also the power(s) exercised by spirits.
In occultism: the testing period for a candidate for initiation.
"A doctrine that self-forgetfulness leads to a supreme realization of personality...." 80 p. 281
As presented in Waldorf schools: a spiritual awakening centered in Germany early in the 19th Century; it culminated in Anthroposophy in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.
Any "scientific" approach to the study of the spirit realm. Various mystical practices and systems have been described as "sciences
In Steiner's usage: kernels of spiritual power.
The envelope of a spiritual being,which may or may not have spatial extension or limits; a shape for that which is shapeless.
The highest member of soul nature,in Steiner's ninefold depiction of human nature. The spiritual soul stands above the sentient and intellectual souls.