In Anthroposophy: seven evolutionary stages falling between conditions of life and great epochs. Each stage of form is a subdivision of a condition of life,and each contains seven subdivisions often termed great epochs.
According to Steiner: manifestations of spiritual powers,gods. The stars influence earthly life through their astrological powers,he taught.
In Anthroposophy: seven levels of existence on the physical plane,given their character by seven ethers or elements — life ether,sound ether,light ether,warmth ether,air,water,and earth.
"In old dream interpretation to dream of marble statues is a sign that the dreamer will soon experience preferment." 80 p. 283
Rudolf Steiner's first wife. See "Eunicke,Anna".
Rudolf Steiner's second wife. See "Sivers,Marie von".
"Great Austrian psychic and clairvoyant. Founder of Anthroposophy,or 'spiritual science'...known chiefly for his educational influence ... He believed that human history shows an evolution of consciousness,and that new faculties of cognition are still to be developed." 73 p. 204 [Steiner was an avowed occultist,claiming to possess extraordinary clairvoyant powers. He was a Theosophist before breaking away to establish his own teachings,Anthroposophy,as a separate movement.]
Waldorf schools. Sometimes defenders of one or another Steiner or Waldorf school will claim that there are significant differences between various schools bearing these designations,and to some degree this is true. But in fact most of the schools use essentially the same curriculum based on essentially the same beliefs and aiming at essentially the same spiritualistic goals.
Waldorf schools,chiefly in Great Britain. Waldorf schools,Steiner schools,and Steiner Waldorf schools are all essentially alike.
Coordinating and certifying authority for Waldorf schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland.