In Anthroposophy: occult celestial writing,such as supposedly can be found in the Akashic Record.
"Marks on the body spontaneously produced,and usually resembling the wounds of the Crucifixion." 73 p. 205
"The seal or mark of the Devil...." 80 p. 285
Mysterious writing that appears on the skin in the location or approximate shape of stigmata.
"A dour system of philosophy,approaching monotheism ... It graduated from a materialistic pantheism to [worship of] an austere transcendant [sic] god,actually called Zeus [sic]." 73 p. 206[More accurately,Stoicism was an ancient Greek school of philosophy teaching that virtue is based on knowledge,and the wise live in harmony with reason while generally disregarding suffering or pain.]
"[T]he Devil...." 80 p. 286
In Anthroposophy: exact clairvoyance,the precise and disciplined clairvoyance that Steiner claimed to possess,and toward which Anthroposophists aspire.
A collection of Steiner lectures that lay out the basic occult rationale for Waldorf education. It has also been published under the titles A GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE HUMAN BEING and THE FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE.