The god dwelling within or on the Sun,ruling the Sun and its denizens. In Anthroposophy,this is Christ. According to Steiner,this deity was known to earlier religions by other designations (Ra,Baldur,etc.),but he was always worshipped as the Sun God.
A high initiate in Mithraism,and,higher still (according to Steiner),Christ.
Proto-humans as they were during Old Sun.,according to Steiner; also humans with a particular spiritual attachment to the Sun.
Christ as comprehended in Zoroastrianism,according to Steiner.
The region of the cosmos under the direct and predominant influence of the Sun,Steiner taught. Steiner sometimes designated this sphere as spirit-land. See Spiritland,Spirit-land,above.
Superhuman beings of the Sun; see "supermen".
A Waldorf teacher-training institution in upstate New York,USA.
Remnants of Old Saturn visible on the Sun,Steiner taught.
"[In astrology] those farther in orbit from the Sun than the Earth's [sic]...." 80 p. 289
In Anthroposophy: beings superior to humans,generally standing at the level of gods one rank higher than humanity. Coming from various planets and the Sun,they make spiritual science possible,Steiner said,by bringing to Earth their superior wisdom.