Celestial,of or relating to the heavens; heavenly or ethereal.
"Phenomena which violate natural laws." 73 p. 209
"[S]upernatural,when describing psychic phenomena. Its modern equivalent is 'paranormal'...." 73 p. 209
Beyond the reach of ordinary senses — perceptible only through clairvoyance,according to Anthroposophical belief.
According to Anthroposophy: all of the universe,including the spirit realm,that lies beyond the reach of ordinary senses.
Unfounded belief in magic and/or the supernatural. Critics argue that many strains of superstition are present in Waldorf beliefs and practices.
In Anthroposophy: various additional spiritual exercises prescribed by Steiner: control of thought; control of will; control of feeling; positivity; open-mindedness; harmonization of inner and outer.
"The demonstration of a continuation of personality after death...." 73 p. 209
"(Hinduism) ... [T]he sun,the Sun-god [sic]." 80 p. 290