Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship.
"Divination by using the leaves of the fig tree." 80 p. 292
Nature spirits that live in the air,according to Anthroposophical belief based on ancient superstition.
Nature spirits (or sprites,pixies,fairies) dwelling in woodlands.
Generally signs or shapes used for representation or designation. Occult symbols are often believed to have magical or spiritual powers.
The study and use of symbols. Anthroposophy is rife with occult symbols,some of which may be found in Waldorf schools.
Magic based on the manipulation of figures or words,etc.,that represent,correspond to,or "sympathize" with the object the magician wants to affect. Thus,a effigy may be damaged in order to harm a person,or a name may be invoked to control the object bearing that name.
In Anthroposophy: union of the soul with the surrounding world. We are most sympathetic in our lives between incarnations — when we are united with the spirit realm. Cf. antipathy.
"Those of Matthew,Mark and Luke,as giving a general view of the same events." 73 p. 211