Indirect indoctrination or brainwashing. Critics accuse Waldorf schools of attempting to condition students in this manner.
Female demon thought to have sex with sleeping men. Plural: succubi.
"A mystical development within Islam ... The principal duty of the Sufi is meditation on the unity of God." 73 p. 208
"Throughout Central America a sorcerer who practices the art of curing disease." 80 p. 289
"In Spiritualism it is the sphere of the spirit world most often referred to...a blissful land of rest and harmony...." 80 p. 289
In Anthroposophy,the star the Earth either orbits or follows,home of the Sun beings,and especially the home of Christ,the Sun God. "Old Sun
In Anthroposophy: initiates are thought to be able to produce the Sun's spiritual radiance even in the depths of night.
In Anthroposophy: denizens of the Sun,chiefly gods (Solar Pitris),the chief of whom is Christ,the Sun God.
In Anthroposophy: the stage of cosmic evolution that followed Old Saturn and preceded Old Moon: Old Sun or its equivalent experienced by an individual in her/his spiritual existence.
The presiding spirit of the Sun: the Sun God,Christ.