In Anthroposophy,generally: a demonic realm below the level of physical reality. Also see "sub-physical world".
In Anthroposophy: the realm underlying the physical world; in general,the domain of nature spirits,subhumans,and demons. Also see "sub-nature".
In Theosophical teachings,including Steiner's: a specific race occurring within a root race.
According to Steiner: beings who have not attained the human level of evolution. Also humans who become demonic or fall out of evolution; ceasing to be human,they become monstrous.
"A creature of the earth,human or animal...." 73 p. 207
Teachers who,unlike Waldorf class teachers,are restricted to presenting one or two subjects to the students at various grade levels.
Lowly elemental beings; bad or retrograde humans may sink to this subhuman level,Steiner said.
The souls of subhumans or the souls of very low human races,according to Steiner.
In esotericism: the quality of being incorporeal,existing on a level beyond the physical,beyond the reach of ordinary senses.
A nonphysical body or envelope. Steiner taught that human beings have three: the etheric,astral,and ego bodies.