"Is the Science,Philosophy and Religion [sic] of continuous life,based upon the demonstrated fact of communication,by means of mediumship,with those who live in the Spirit World." 73 p. 202[Usually,spiritualism is defined as a) a system of belief involving communication with the dead,or b) the philosophical position that a spiritual level of reality exists apart from the physical level,and/or c) that only the spiritual level exists,the physical level being illusory.]
"One who has accepted [spiritualism]...." 73 p. 202
The real purpose of Waldorf schooling,usually more or less hidden: to spread Anthroposophy and to confer on children and their families the benefits of Anthroposophy.
In general: belief in spiritual beings and/or a spirit realm; generally including embrace of a particular religion. In Anthroposophy,true spirituality is deemed to be Anthroposophy itself; opposition to Anthroposophy is (inaccurately) deemed to be opposition to all forms of spirituality.
"[D]ivination by interpreting the cinders remaining in sacrificial fires." 80 p. 282
The observance of Easter mixed with pagan elements of seasonal celebration. Like all Waldorf festivals,at the surface this event may seem nondenominational; at root,it is an Anthroposophical religious observance.
Symbol of man's fourfold nature,according to Steiner.
"A form of rope-hanging torture formerly used to force those accused of witchcraft to name their accomplices." 80 p. 283