A temple devoted to secret or occult knowledge.
"A natural clairvoyant or prophet." 73 p. 186
"[G]oddess of the ancient Egyptians who was depicted with a lion's head that bore the omnificent [sic] sun's disc...." 80 p. 261
Convincing oneself that falsehoods are truths; arguably the basis of Anthroposophical belief.
According to Steiner: one of our 12 senses,one through which we experience our own movements. Also see movement,sense of.
"The practice of one [sic] with supernatural power in which he sends an object or person to bring evil to a designated person." 80 p. 262
According to Steiner,one of 12 justified world conceptions — relying on sense impressions to form a picture of reality.
In Anthroposophy: the spiritual sense that enables one to recognize the I in another. However,you cannot truly know another's I; only the individual can truly know his or her own I. Also see ego sense.
"The significators of the five physical senses are Mercury — sight,Venus — touch,Mars — taste,Jupiter — smell,Saturn — hearing." 80 p. 262[According to Steiner,we have 12 senses: the senses of touch,life,movement,balance,smell,taste,sight,temperature,I,thought,hearing,and speech.]
In Anthroposophy: the first of seven Regions of Soul,liberating thought from outward sensation,finding truth within. This is the needed developmental stage to permit true development of moral intuition and,beyond that,self-abnegation/self-realization (Moral Feeling and Sacrificial Will). Sense-Free Thinking is guided by Sagittarius.