In Christianity: the prophesied return to Christ to the Earth. In Anthroposophy,the Second Coming of Christ has already occurred (around 1930 CE) — Christ "returned" not to the physical Earth but to the etheric realm encompassing the Earth. In essence,the "return" meant that Christ became knowable,specifically through Anthroposophy. The Second Coming was,essentially,the culmination of the emergence of Anthroposophy.
The arrival of a child's second set of teeth. In Waldorf schools,this is thought to indicate the incarnation of the etheric body.
In Anthroposophy: the penultimate Realm of Spirit,the last to occur under the Zodiac. Under the rule of Sagittarius,the development of the spirit within the seventh great epoch (Trumpets) is nearly now completed. The stage is set for the final trial (Third Woe) before humanity evolves to the Perfect Astral Stage.
"As a soul leaves the earth body for further development in a higher spirit sphere,so it is sometimes said there takes places a similar refinement of personality on passing to the next sphere above." 73 p. 186
The replacement of baby teeth by adult teeth. In Waldorf belief,this signals the incarnation of the etheric body; the child is now ready to learn to read,etc.
The second of three kingdoms below the mineral kingdom (the lowest kingdom of nature that is usually acknowledged). Inhabited by the lowliest of subhuman beings,the elementary kingdoms gather and produce the constituents of the higher kingdoms. The second elementary kingdom underlies the plant kingdom especially.
The second of seven conditions of life — for us,subdivisions of our current existence in the period called Present Earth. Here,we evolve upward through three elementary kingdoms to the mineral kingdom,then the plant,animal,and human kingdoms.
In Anthroposophical belief: the intermediate of three groupings of gods,consisting of gods four,five,and six levels higher than humanity. These gods dwell among the higher spheres of the solar system (Sun,Mars,and Jupiter),and they work to implement the designs formulated by the gods of the First Hierarchy.
"Supernormal perception...." 73 p. 186[Such perception is usually identified as clairvoyance or extrasensory perception (ESP).]
Clandestine groups,often having evil intentions. Steiner taught that there have been many operating behind the scenes throughout world history. See conspiracy theories.