"A learned person,a [leading] scientist." 73 p. 183
"The Devil's herb...used by European witches for the purposes of abortion and sterility." 80 p. 258
"Divination through the study of animal bones." 80 p. 258
In our time,this is Anthroposophy: the movement through which the archangel Michael bestows his wisdom (according to Anthroposophists).
The central institution for Anthroposophical studies,located at the Anthroposophical headquarters,the Goetheanum.
Systematic,rational study of phenomena using observation and experimentation. Like Theosophy,Anthroposophy claims to be the science of spiritual phenomena. But it is a faith,not a science. Steiner frequently belittled natural sciences and scientists. Anthroposophy is fundamentally antiscientific.
Often quite weak,due to the antiscientific bias of Anthroposophy.
Essentially,the use of reason: Based on evidence,a hypothesis is framed and then tested; it is either confirmed or disproved. This new evidence is then used to repeat and extend the process,thereby expanding the accumulation of knowledge.
An explanation of phenomena,based on solid evidence. In a scientific context,the word "theory" does not denote great uncertainty. The currently accepted theory in any sphere of science is the best,most firmly established explanation available to mankind. It is tentative only in the sense that the acquisition of additional information may lead to modifications of the theory or even the eventual replacement of that theory when a better theory — a better,more complete explanation — becomes possible.
"'The science of knowing how to know' ... [Scientologists] employ a technique of 'Dianetics' to uncover memories of previous incarnations." 80 p. 260[Dianetics is a system of relieving psychosomatic disorders by cleansing the mind. Scientology may be seen as a rival of Anthroposophy,in that both claim to be "scientific" spiritual systems. Their doctrines are,however,largely incompatible.]