"A magical practice in which charmed bones are thrown into a neighbor's field...warning [farm workers] not to cultivate the field if they do not wish to die...." 80 p. 260
"Astrological sign (October 24-November 22) ... Qualities —...intense loyalty...highly capable,enthusiastic,courageous ... [H]owever...revengeful,pugnacious,arrogant...." 80 pp. 260-261
"Messages alleged to have been written by deceased persons...which appear on sensitive photographic materials...." 80 p. 261
"Sacred writings of various religions." 73 p. 185
"Divination by crystal-gazing." 73 p. 185
In Anthroposophy: the penultimate Region of Soul,following Purification. The scourging/deifying effect of the Apocalyptic seals becomes almost complete as one evolves toward holy silence. The constellation of Cancer is paramount.
In Anthroposophy: mystical emblems resembling mandalas; especially seals designed by Rudolf Steiner to represent the seven seals of the Book of Revelation.
"A sitting for the purpose of obtaining psychic manifestations,or for communication with the spirit world." 73 p. 185
At Waldorf schools,festivals containing both Christian and pagan elements are observed. Often they are given euphemistic names such as "fall festival
In Anthroposophical belief,the seasons reflect the breathing patterns of the Earth. (Steiner often taught that the Earth is alive; but he also sometimes said that it is dead.) The Earth breathes in during winter and out during summer. The seasons are celebrated in Waldorf schools through the staging of seasonal festivals that contain both Christian and pagan components.