"Hindu term for the karmic chain of birth,death and rebirth...." 73 p. 182
"A personal psychic assessment of the imprint of the client's hand in a tray of sand." 80 p. 254
"(Hinduism) The attachment to material and worldly things and cares which thwarts the achievement of moksa." 80 p. 254
One of the four classical temperaments,a disposition predominantly influenced by blood. In Anthroposophical belief,sanguine individuals are carefree,happy,and rather thoughtless. They are the most nearly "normal" of the four human types.
"One of the oldest systems of Hindu philosophy ... It was dualistic,postulating a positive equilibrium of spirit and substance,eternal without prime cause [i.e.,a Creator]." 73 p. 182
"This gem is...considered to possess powers which bring the owner good luck,health,and cures for a number of ailments." 80 p. 255
"The principle of evil in a number of major religions ... Satan has been an enormously pregnant [sic] figure in much of the Western Occult [sic],particularly in Necromancy,Sorcery,Witchcraft,Black Magic...." 80 p. 255 [In Anthroposophy,Satan is generally identified as Ahriman.]
"In astrology this signifies a cluster of sometimes as many as five planets in one sign or house." 80 p. 256
"Zen Buddhist term for enlightenment produced by meditation." 80 p. 257