"One of the most important planets in the history of mysticism and the occult ... Violet is its color; it is the choleric temperament — fire ... In Earth-evolution,the first stage is the Saturn epoch...." 80 p. 257[Steiner taught that Saturn is the outermost member of the solar system. He called the first stage of our evolution "Old Saturn."]
The first incarnation of our solar system: the stage of cosmic evolution that preceded Old Sun — Old Saturn. An individual may experience the equivalent of Old Saturnl in her/his spiritual existence.
In Anthroposophy: humans during Old Saturn,or on Saturn,or under the special influence of Saturn.
A spiritual organ developed through the influence of Saturn.,according to Steiner. Such organs increase one's spiritual/perceptive capacities.
According to Steiner: Native Americans. Existing under the influence of Saturn,they are senescent and,in effect,extinct,Steiner taught.
In Anthroposophy: essentially,the entire solar system (i.e.,the region of space defined by the orbit of the outermost planet,Saturn). The spheres of all other planets are nested within it. The Saturn sphere is home to gods seven levels higher than humanity
"A festival or period during which people engage in unrestrained freedom of behavior [i.e.,wild revelry]...." 80 p. 257
"[I]n astrology,one with a strong Saturn accent." 80 p. 258
Creatures half-human,half-animal. According to Steiner: beings who use Luciferic and Ahrimanic powers for evil.
Members of low races,according to Steiner.