"(Buddhism,Hinduism) God of storms...." 80 p. 249
"In astrology...the planet which is associated with a sign." 80 p. 249
"Used by the Germanic peoples...the word means a secret,a mystery ... Runes have been held to possess the power to resurrect the dead...." 80 p. 249[Runes are letters in the ancient Germanic alphabet.]
A Sanskrit term; as used in Theosophy,it means having form,materialized,bodily (but not fully physical). Cf. Arupa.
According to Steiner: a Luciferic region,counterpoint to Ahrimanic America.
In Anthroposophical doctrine: The cultural epoch that will follow our present cultural epoch. Beginning in 3573 AD,it will be preceded by a race war. It will end in 5733 AD,giving way to the American Age.
"[A]n island that belonged to the Kingdom of Atlantis." 80 p. 249