"[T]he seventh incarnation of Vishnu." 80 p. 241 [In Hinduism,Rama is the the ideal man,and — for some sects — the supreme god.]
"A dancing girl who exercises her talents in some Hindu temples to excite desire...." 80 p. 241
"Sound produced during physical mediumship." 80 p. 241 [During seances,mysterious sounds such as raps or tappings are said to be communications from the spirits that have been contacted.]
"One of the ten Archangels ... [T]he Prince of Healing...." 80 p. 242 [Varying spiritual traditions cite varying numbers of Archangels — some speak of seven,some ten,etc. In Anthroposophy,Raphael is the Archangel of Mercury.]
"An intimate community of sensation,such as exists between...control and medium...." 80 p. 242
"(Zoroastrianism) One of the three judges who weigh the souls of the dead...." 80 p. 242
"The Venus of the Hindus...." 80 p. 242
In Anthroposophy: the mind soul or intellectual soul. Incarnating at about age 35,it contemplates the impressions gathered at a lower soul level.
According to Steiner: one of the 12 justified world conceptions — perceiving the world through externally verified knowledge.
In Anthroposophy: an appointee who reads Steiner texts aloud at Anthroposophical meetings.