The Jewish New Year,the first of the ten Days of Repentance that culminate in Yom Kippur,the Day of Atonement.
In Anthroposophy: one of four spiritual streams that culminate in Anthroposophy. Christian Rosenkreutz is said to have brought this stream from Egypt to Northern Europe. Also see "Rosicrucianism".
"A secret society which flourished in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries ... They practised healing occultism and alchemy ... Their symbol is a rose in the center of a cross." 73 p. 181[Steiner taught that Rosicrucianism,as revised by himself,is the proper spiritual path for modern humanity. In this sense,it is virtually indistinguishable from Anthroposophy.]
The symbol of Rosicrucianism: one or more red roses set at the intersection point of a cross. It is used as a meditative focus in Anthroposophical practice. The rose(s) are usually said to represent Christ or his blood.
In legends: the table used by King Arthur and his knights. According to Steiner,King Arthur was a pagan initiate; he and his knights sought occult wisdom (symbolized by the Holy Grail).
In Theosophy: a term used to denote complete evolutionary cycles at various levels. As Steiner used the term,rounds are essentially equivalent to conditions of life.
"(Judaism) The breath of God's ineffable soul which at the creation...God breathed into man's body." 80 p. 249
A Waldorf teacher-training institution located in Fair Oaks,California,USA.
An educational institution offering summer courses for adults,centered on Anthroposophy; located in Easton,Massachussetts,USA.
A stream separating Italy from ancient Gaul. Also see "crossing the Rubicon".