"In astrology,the horoscope at the moment of birth,called the radix or radical map." 80 p. 240
The inward focus,with reliance on one's feelings and intuitions,promoted by Waldorf schooling.
Dowsing for prized substances,especially water.
"In the ancient mythology of Scandinavia this is the world's ultimate destiny,being the event which is the twilight of the world." 80 p. 241[Ragnarök is the ultimate battle between the gods and giants in which all are destroyed and the world ends. However,a new world is later born.]
"(Judaism) The Archangel who is the Prince of the Sea...." 80 p. 241
"(Cabalism) Represents the sixth of the ten sepiroth [sic],meaning 'the compassion of God.'" 80 p. 241
"(Hinduism) The greatly feared demon snake who is believed to have almost swallowed the sun...." 80 p. 241
"[D]eemed a bridge between heaven and earth,particularly in Norse mythology...." 80 p. 241 [In the Bible,the rainbow is the sign of God's covenant with Noah following the Flood. In Anthroposophical belief,the Flood caused the destruction of Atlantis,after which Earth's atmosphere changed sufficiently to make rainbows possible.]
"The Yoga pathway of philosophy." 73 p. 174