Waldorf schools generally delay instruction in reading until approximately age 7,when (according to Anthroposophy) the loss of baby teeth signals the incarnation of the etheric body.
One of the 12 justified world conceptions as enumerated by Steiner — limiting one's perceptions to what one can apprehend with the ordinary senses.
The universe as it actually is. The essential question about Anthroposophy and Waldorf education is whether they are in touch with reality.
A region of existence. In esoteric teachings,subtle yet significant distinctions can be drawn between the terms "kingdom","plane
a) In Anthroposophical belief: seven periods (Continental,Oceanic,Atmospheric,First Woe,Second Woe,Third Woe) during the seventh great epoch (Trumpets). Following evolutionary periods centered on the soul (Regions of Soul),these periods will center on the spirit,which Steiner said is higher than soul. b) Also in Anthroposophy,more generally: the higher worlds.
According to Anthroposophy,drawing from Theosophy,we evolve in an elaborate,cyclical pattern. As we progress,we frequently repeat or re-experience previous evolutionary stages,cycling back through them at new,higher levels.
"A mental condition necessary for mediumship. Only by quietude and the stilling of one's thoughts can the first faint beginnings of spirit communication be recognized." 73 p. 175
"In astrology that special skill which is used to correct the time of birth...." 80 p. 243
"As an auric color,red symbolizes passion and anger." 80 p. 243
"[W]itches were believed to turn straw or hay into red pigs which they then sold ... [When the] pigs crossed running water they became transformed into the original straw and hay." 80 p. 243