The first sub-race that,according to occult teachings,arose on Atlantis.
A mysterious elemental being or nature spirit,expressing cosmic humor,that hovers above the other figures in the statue The Representative of Humanity (also known as The Group).
Artistic/philosophical movement,originating in the late 18th century,stressing individualism,subjectivity,and inspiration. Anthroposophy has roots in Romanticism.
"(Cabalism) The middle level of life which confronts the astral world." 80 p. 247
"Since ancient times a bird augury and occult manifestations. Its crowing before midnight...was considered a certain omen of death...." 80 p. 247
Imaginary children of Mother Earth,dwelling in or around plants' roots; stories about them are often told in Waldorf schools.
"An esoteric supposition of successive ages of mankind's earthly progression,by the establishment on continental masses,of 'root races'. There are said to be seven: Polarian (Adamic),Hyperborean,Lemurian,Atlantean,Aryan [the present],and two yet to come." 73 p. 180 [Essentially,in Theosophy and Anthroposophy,a "root race" is the form humanity has attained at a particular stage of its evolution. There is variation within this stage: seven sub-races within each root race. Steiner said the gods intended for only one racial form to exist at any given time,but some races from prior stages exist now due to demonic interference.]
"[T]he rose has generated many occult,religious,mythological,and mystical beliefs ... The Rosicrucians view the 'rosy cross' as a transcendent mystic symbol. In occultism there is a prevailing view that demons,witches,vampires,and werewolves cannot touch or smell a rose." 80 p. 248
"Some believe he was the founder of the...Rosicrucian order ... Other authorities believe he was initiated into the doctrine and became its most important proponent." 80 p. 248 [Rosenkreutz is almost certainly a mythic figure who never lived,but Steiner taught that Rosenkreutz is an important member of the Great White Brotherhood. Anthroposophists believe Rosenkreutz may be "M