The sentient soul,the first of our three soul members,according to Steiner; it forms feelings and concepts that it passes to higher soul members. It fully incarnates at about age 28.
In Christianity: Christ's return from death. In Anthroposophical doctrine,Christ's "resurrection" was really the renewal of the Earth and the new impetus for evolution provided by the Sun God.
According to Steiner: the phantom of Christ Jesus's physical body.
"Knowledge of the past,supernormally acquired." 73 p. 178[Steiner gave detailed descriptions of the distant past as well as the distant future,based on his profess clairvoyant abilities.]
"In astrology,the apparent backward motion of a planet."80 p. 244 [The term actually comes from astronomy. The apparent backward motion of an outer planet is caused when the Earth overtakes that planet.]
"The procedure during satanic rites of reciting backward prayers." 80 p. 244[Steiner was no Satanist,but one version of the Lord's Prayer he used begins with "Amen" and works backward through the prayer. Other backward processes and rites found in Anthroposophy are detailed in the book REVERSE RITUAL (Anthroposophic Press,2001). Also see "review".]
In Anthroposophy,this is Second Coming of Christ,which has already occurred (around 1930 CE) — Christ "returned" not to the physical Earth but to the etheric realm encompassing the Earth. In essence,the "return" meant that Christ became knowable,specifically through Anthroposophy. The Second Coming was,essentially,the culmination of the emergence of Anthroposophy.
"A sudden withdrawing of the veil between the physical and spiritual spheres." 73 p. 178
In Anthroposophy: gods at the lowest level of the Second Hierarchy,four levels above mankind. Dwelling in the sphere of the Sun,they help make manifest the intentions of higher gods in the unfolding pattern of human evolution and in the human form.
"Fear,mingled with respect." 73 p. 178[Reverence is needed for spiritual development,Steiner said. Waldorf schools try to instill it in children.]