In some esoteric teachings: an intermediate spirit,between gods and humans; sometimes equivalent to genius.
"(Zoroastrianism) Evil spirits,also demons of darkness." 80 p. 65
"[S]upernormal guide who advised Socrates...." 73 p. 55
"A body of information that spells out the rules for dealing with spirits...." 80 p. 65
"An ancient Egyptian dance which symbolizes the movements of the heavenly bodies. It was performed around the altar of the sun god Ra." 80 p. 66
"Divination is which a laurel is used. If it crackled when burning,the augury was benign...." 80 p. 67
In mainstream history,the early Middle Ages are sometimes called the Dark Ages (500-1100 CE),a time when learning was at a nadir. In Hinduism and Theosophy,the "dark age" is the fourth major age in each recurring cycle of ages: Kali Yuga.
"These Asuras,having incarnated in Atlantis,raised a rebellion...." 80 p. 67
In Steiner's teachings: lagging or evil spiritual beings,often minions of Ahriman; they are gods three levels higher than humanity,which means they rank as upper-level gods of the Third Hierarchy.
In Judaism: the culmination of the Days of Repentance at the beginning of each new year; it is also known as Yom Kippur.