Some breathed fire,Steiner said; in effect,they were dragons.
Associated with the god Dionysus. In Anthroposophy,"Dionysian" applies to the functioning of the metabolism,centered in the abdomen and limbs; it is the polar opposite of the Apollonian,center in the head.
Greek god of fertility,wine,and creativity in music and poetry; also called Bacchus.
"(Hinduism) [T]he 7 Holy Rishis who were embodied in the 7 stars known as the constellation of Ursa Major." 80 p. 75
"The phenomena [sic] of a voice proceeding from an artificial larynx,made from ectoplasmic material extracted from the medium and sitters." 73 p. 61
"Writing produced without visible contact with the medium [i.e.,the medium produces writing without appearing to touch pen or paper]...." 73 p. 62
"[T]he [Roman] god of the underworld,similar to the Greek Pluto." 80 p. 75
"Not incarnated." 73 p. 62
Often the result of karma and/or astrological forces,Steiner taught. Having a disease may,therefore,be considered a blessing,and preventing diseases may often be a mistake.
In various forms of esotericism: mysterious words,acronyms,or secret signs that,once decoded,confer great spiritual wisdom and/or power.