In Judaism: the first ten days of the new year,beginning with Rosh Hashanah and culminating in Yom Kippur.
"Mother goddesses,usually three,belief in whom spread from Rome and Gaul..." 80 p. 68
In Anthroposophical belief: the passage from life in the physical world to life in the spiritual realm,to be followed by additional incarnations.
"An agreement between two people to endeavor to give evidence to each other of their continued existence after death." 80 p. 56
"A widespread ritual engaged in to commune with the dead." 80 p. 69
Strong,clear enunciation. It is important,Steiner said,because language is a gift of the gods and,through our spoken thoughts,we create spiritual realities.
When deeply asleep,we are in contact with the deep soul force called will,and we go to kamaloka — or so Steiner taught.
According to Anthroposophy: races that have fallen behind or regressed in evolution.
"Belief in one god as creator,but not revelatory." 73 p. 57
Divine beings,gods. Steiner taught that there are nine ranks of gods divided into three groupings he called hierarchies.