"The feeling of having previously experienced an event that is being encountered for the first time ... [Possibly caused by] memory from a previous incarnation and memory of a precognition...." 80 p. 69
"The famous Greek oracle,the prophetess Pythia...." 73 p. 58
"The disintegration and disappearance of matter,or [of] a materialized form which can occur in physical seances." 80 p. 70
Ancient Greek goddess of grains; also the name of an Anthroposophical magazine.
Anthroposophical farms that follow biodynamic principles.
"The world builder and maker of Platonic philosophy." 73 p. 58 [In Gnosticism: a subordinate god who created and presides over the material world and is opposed to pure spirituality.]
A system of government in which all eligible members have a vote and leaders are freely elected. According to Steiner's scheme for threefolding,only the political sphere should be run democratically; the economic and cultural/educational spheres should not.
"demonic beings" and "demons".
Great and small demons; according to Anthroposophic belief,they are legion.
According to various belief systems,a person's body may be invaded — and taken over — by a demon; Steiner affirmed this belief.