"[The concept that] there exist two realities — physical vs. spiritual [or] two opposing cosmic forces — one good,the other evil." 80 p. 81
"Much feared...malicious,evil sorcerers...." 80 p. 81
The timeless time before the beginning of time,according to Steiner (time,proper,began during Old Saturn).
In Theosophical belief — drawing on Hinduism — this is the third great age of the world,the bronze age. Lasting 864
In mythology,small beings often skilled in mining,sometimes identified with gnomes; according to Steiner,they are real.
"An occult term for the 'doorkeeper' [at the threshold between physical life and the spirit realm]." 73 p. 67 [Steiner spoke of the "Guardians" of the Threshold.]
"(Hinduism) The masculine Vedic deity represents the sky or heaven." 80 pp. 81-82
"The Cabala describes the evil spirits or souls of the dead that enter the body of a living person and control him." 80 p. 82[Steiner spoke of demons in human form,and evil doubles. Some human bodies are possessed by evil spirits,he said.]
Also called form drawing: in Waldorf schools,the careful,repetitive drawing of basic geometric forms thought to reflect divine law.
In Anthroposophy: gods five levels above mankind. Essentially equivalent to Spirits of Motion and Principalities,they stand at the middle level within the Second Hierarchy. Dwelling in the sphere of Mars,they oversee the operation of the evolutionary system developed by the Dominions or Spirits of Wisdom.