Identifying individuals as demons. According to Anthroposophical belief,opponents of Anthroposophy and/or Waldorf education may be controlled by demons or they may actually be,themselves,demons. Hence,demonizing them is simply telling the truth about them.
"Systems of demonology have been developed by most peoples for dealing with demons — supernatural beings in rank below the gods ... The science of demonology has played an important part in the development of black magic." 80 pp. 70-71 ["Demonology" is more commonly defined as the study of demons and demonic belief.]
"Using demons in divination...." 80 p. 71
Evil spirits,devils. Anthroposophy speaks of both major and minor demons — great demons and their minions. Our evil thoughts and actions create minor demons,Steiner said.
Waldorf schools and Anthroposophists often disguise their beliefs and aims; they deny many realities about their movement.
The development of baby teeth. Also see "second dentition".
"The appearance of writing on the skin,similar to stigmatic writing ... Some mediums have given answers to messages in this way." 80 p. 71
"[In astrology] that degree of the ecliptic which is setting. Opposite of the Ascendant." 73 p. 59[Generally,stars and constellations that are descending are given less significance in modern astrology than those that are ascending.]
According to Anthroposophical belief,the cosmos and the course of evolution have been designed by the gods.
According to Anthroposophical belief,this is an element of will,and it arises from the astral body.