In Anthroposophy: the gods' plan for human and cosmic evolution.
In Theosophy: the divine intention behind the cosmos; essentially equivalent to divine will as discussed in Anthroposophy.
According to Steiner: the gods' will; the Godhead. Also see "divine impulse".
"In Theosophy,the first or highest world,the world that was first created by the divine impulse to exert its creative power. This world is not attainable by man in his present state. " 80 p. 76
A Hindu concept incorporated into Theosophy: a period equal to 360 Earth years.
"Wilful exploration of the future or the discovery of hidden things...." 73 p. 62[This "exploration" and "discovery" involve supernatural means,often clairvoyance.]
"A V-shaped rod ... When the dowser holds it in a state of tension the apex will move when a source of water,or some specified hidden objective is traversed." 73 p. 62
"Early Gnostic-Christian sect who,considering matter to be totally inferior and impure,maintained that Christ had never taken the human body...." 80 p. 77
"[G]host hunters...have used dogs to determine the presence of ghosts since dogs have extraordinary capacities of hearing and smell...." 80 p. 77 [Steiner taught that dogs,like other animals,have no memories. Your dog does not remember you.]
Following Steiner's instructions,and/or using clairvoyance,to perform "spiritual science" — i.e.,learning about the spirit realm through the controlled use of clairvoyant insight.