"Hindu term for...a god." 73 p. 59
"Hindu term descriptive of an intermediate stage between incarnations." 73 p. 59 [In Theosophy,Devachan is the heavenly realm,the realm of the gods.]
In Theosophy: the spirit world,the third or highest realm of human existence.
In Theosophy: the heavenly plane or realm,the highest of the three worlds. It has higher and lower levels; in this sense,there are higher and lower Devachanic worlds or Devachans.
"A group of people who meet regularly for the purpose of developing any latent psychic abilities they may possess." 73 p. 41
"Traditional personification of evil influences,he has no place in Spiritualism,which teaches that evil is the result of man's ignorance and cruelty...." 73 p. 59 [In Anthroposophy,the Devil is generally identified as Lucifer,whereas Satan is usually identified as Ahriman.]
Evolutionary degeneration; evolving downward rather than upward. Also see "involution".
A reverent or religious attitude. It is needed for spiritual development,Steiner said. Waldorf schools try to instill it in children.
"The sixth stage of Yoga. Mental composure and steadying of the mind." 73 p. 59