"Law of Buddha; a sense of divine duty...." 73 p. 60
"The seventh stage of Yoga. Thought fixed on Absolute idea [sic]." 73 p. 60
"[S]orcery,black magic,or devilish arts...." 80 p. 74
"[E]vil practitioners of Black Magic. They claim to possess the power to transform themselves into animals...." 80 p. 74
"The ruler of the devils." 80 p. 74
"[B]eing possessed by a devil...." 80 p. 74
"Belief in and worship of the devil." 80 p. 74
"A very potent gem that offers many powers and protections to its wearers." 80 p. 74
"One of the earliest of the ancient Italian goddesses ... In occult literature and practice she is significant as the moon goddess." 80 p.
"An oracle sanctuary of Apollo...." 80 p. 75