"In ancient Egyptian mythology,the creator of the world and of men; the world's soul,the god of the sun." 80 p. 240[In Anthroposophy,Ra is the Sun God,Christ,as perceived by ancient Egyptian initiates.]
"The demon who symbolizes the most potent object of magical power,the wand." 80 p. 240
In Anthroposophy,races embody levels of human development; we evolve upward through the racial forms,Steiner taught. The black race is the lowest and most childlike,he said,the yellow race is adolescent,the white race is the highest and most mature,the red race is senescent. Steiner said that in the future we will evolve beyond racial forms as we now know them,although there will continue to be "races" — particularly the "good race" and the "evil race" — far into the future.
In Anthroposophy: the group soul of a race.
Steiner forecast a war between human races — a war that he said is historically necessary — at the end of our present cultural epoch.
According to Anthroposophy: purposes,tasks,or goals assigned to human races by the gods.
Belief that some races are inferior to,or lower than,others; or,conversely,the belief that some races (usually including one's own race) are superior to,or higher than,others.
In Anthroposophy: gods seven levels above humanity. They stand among the lowest gods of the august First Hierarchy. Dwelling in the outmost precincts of the solar system,they help supply the planets and their spheres with the materials needed for proper evolution.