"The angel of the celestial hierarchies who is assigned to the sphere of Saturn." 80 p. 251[In Anthroposophical belief,the Archangel of Saturn (Archangels are higher than Angels) is Oriphiel or Uriel.]
"Any religious system based on priestly order,rather than human and spiritual values." 73 p. 181
These are the seven classical planets of astrology,generally affirmed by Steiner as the real members of the solar system: Sun,Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars,Jupiter,and Saturn. Earth,Uranus,and Neptune are omitted,while the Sun and Moon are labeled "planets." In some teachings,the Sun is included only as a stand-in for an invisible planet near the Sun,often identified as Vulcan. Likewise,the Moon is often a stand-in for an invisible "Planet of Death" that is near the Moon.
"Prostitutes in the role of beneficent agents are and have been since ancient times a part of many religions." 80 p. 231
In Anthroposophy: the third of seven Regions of Soul,a region of preparation for liberation from karma and physical existence. The soul learns true self-relinquishment,as practiced by the gods — the will to serve and transcend. This evolutionary period is overseen by Libra.
"(Hinduism) A holy person or religious teacher,who carries a bowl for begging." 80 p. 251
Legends — especially Norse — of heroic achievements. According to Steiner,they are true clairvoyant accounts in disguised form.
"Astrological sign (November 23-December 22) ... Qualities — highly endowed with mental gifts,discriminatory abilities; unusually honest,fearless,and bluntly outspoken ... [C]an be too cautious,too timid...hasty temper...." 80 p. 251
A Christian martyr; the patron saint of Britain; in mythology,a dragon-slayer. In Anthroposophy: Michael's representative on Earth (or,sometimes,Michael himself).
June 24,honoring John the Baptist. Often celebrated at Waldorf schools with a large bonfire. Older students,preparing the leave the school,are sometimes allowed to jump over fire. Sometimes younger students are helped by teachers or senior students to leap the flames or embers.